How ZooZingo Works to Raise Attendance Rates

The ZooZingo Attendance Program was designed with input from educators to help motivate every student achieve high attendance. This comprehensive program for elementary schools helps reduce tardiness and early check-outs as well.

Research shows that consistent positive reinforcement is a powerful motivator. The ZooZingo Program awards a collectable Animal Reward Card for every student who attends school all five days of the week and has no tardies or early check-outs.

Weekly ZooZingo Animal Reward Cards

The Reward Cards are awarded at the end of each week. There are 9 cards in each set. A year’s program has four sets or 36 weekly cards. Each set is designed around a geographical theme, so the students learn while they earn.  The following pictures of the Brazil set show you an example.

Each set has 9 collectable cards. ZooZingo card sets detail animals from China, India, Brazil, and more! There are USA sets as well.

Each set of 9 collectable cards teaches about animals from China, India, Brazil, USA, and more!

Puzzle on Card Backs
The backs of the Reward Cards form puzzles of geographical landmarks from the country corresponding to the animals on the front of the cards. There are also nine hidden animals on the back of each Reward Card. Children love trying to find them!

Brazil Set Puzzle Backs

Set of 9 Brazil cards together form photos of squirrel monkeys on the Amazon river, Iguazu Falls, and a cityscape of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The puzzle grows over the 9 weeks, and besides forming complete puzzles, there are hidden animals in each set! Students will love to find 9 jaguars, 9 toucans, and 9 capybaras!

Plush toys provided as prizes for regular drawings from the students with appropriate attendance records.

Bonus Plush Animal Rewards
Every week a drawing is held among the students with perfect attendance for the week. The winner receives a plush animal reward. Every student at school looks forward to the Friday announcements to see who wins the award!Attendance Calendar for Brazil shows a toucan, map and flag of Brazil.

Attendance Chart Posters

Each class receives an attendance poster so that  a visual reminder of the importance of attendance stays up in the classroom all week. The poster provides positive peer pressure to be at school as every student wants to receive a check or sticker by their name.